Dear Editor:

 Dear Editor:

Aaaah, yes summer fun time is almost here. I was reminded of this as I perused the Parks Department “Rules” signs just posted every few blocks.  The most glaring item to me is “No Amplified Sounds, Without Permit.”  Do people not read English, or do they just not care to know?  I am sure all of us have had the experience of staking out our turf on the sand and 10 minutes later, a crew arrives next to you with their DJ size speakers soon blasting “sounds” that are positively revolting and LOUD!! (I needn’t say “music”).

What good is posting rules when they are ignored? On that note, I am in favor of reinstating “beat” cops as in good times gone by.  Yes, to patrol up and down the beach (in pairs) looking to enforce the Board Rules.

Those of us who are bothered – what kind of recourse do we have?

Not to mention motorized scooters – also “forbidden.”  Downright dangerous.

Lastly, but also on the roster of no-no’s— “No Dogs on Boardwalk and Sand May 31 – Sep. 30”.  HA!  Last season, there were more dogs than ever, both during day hours and evening.  People know about these rules but somehow think “Oh, that’s not ME !!”

Where to grieve from here? Totally fed up, and hoping for better.


Rockaway Stuff

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