District 31 Endorsement

Dear Editor:

The voters in the 31st City Council district have a good person to vote for, Daniella May, the Republican in the election. She is one of a growing number of young Black activists who are seeking common sense solutions on health care, crime and education.

Ms. May, who is a nurse, knows how absolutely important it is to have a Level-One Trauma center or hospital in the neighborhood. Too many people have died because EMTs must travel so far for their critical and life-saving care. She is for an actual Level-One Trauma center while her opponent only wants to “study” the issue by forming a task force on it.

Daniella May would be a breath of fresh air in the City Council with solutions that are real and based on common sense – not like the overwhelming number of radical socialist Democrats that fill the Council today.

The choice is clear.

Geri Haggerty

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