By Eric Jayden

This week, I received many questions about CM Punk, so let’s dive right into it. As of late, the wrestling world has been buzzing, and this time the buzz is about the possible return of CM Punk back to All Elite Wrestling (AEW). For those of you who don’t know the story, CM Punk got into an altercation backstage with two of AEW’s Executive Vice Presidents, The Young Bucks. CM Punk went on a AEW Scrum, and went off on the company’s EVPs, Hangman Adam Page, Colt Cabana, and the direction of the company. This eventually led to suspensions, and CM Punk leaving AEW and being stripped of the AEW Heavyweight Title. But let’s ask the real question… Is AEW better with or without CM Punk?

Over this past year, while CM Punk has been out of the company, AEW has not seen the high viewership numbers it was seeing when CM Punk was with AEW and its Heavyweight Champion. CM Punk is AEW’s biggest signing and its biggest draw to date. No other AEW Superstar has been able to draw viewers like Punk has and the rumors have been that AEW Owner, Tony Khan, would buy out Punk’s contract or we would see a potential CM Punk return to the company. But it would not make sense for Tony Khan to buy CM Punk’s contract as he was their biggest money draw. Bringing back Punk would be good for the company financially. Now, bringing him back also opens up a lot issues. First, CM Punk would have to be able to make peace with the Young Bucks and others within the company. The same would go for The Young Bucks and those within AEW, who would need to make peace with CM Punk, in order to work together and make money. For this to all happen, Tony Khan would have to bring both sides together, and make sure both sides are on the same page.

Overall, bringing CM Punk back is the most sound decision for the company. Bringing Punk back and putting him on a storyline against the Young Bucks would make money. Then afterwards, put him in another storyline against their current Heavyweight Champion, MJF. This would most definitely make money. The possibilities of using Punk to make money and draw high viewership are there. So, Tony Khan, make the right decision and bring CM Punk back. 

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