Easy Fashion

 Easy Fashion

Dear Editor:

I am an avid reader of Beth’s articles. Thank you for writing the poignant article regarding fashion and etiquette. I agree and was raised similarly. There is an expression, “don’t wear a wedding dress to a funeral.” There are times and places for proper attire.

For men, there is what is called a wedding and wake suit. Men should have at least one suit in their closet for those moments.

In this day and age, there is absolutely no excuse for dressing inappropriately. We have fast fashion Walmart, Forever 21, H&M, Zara, Target, Rainbow Shops, SHEIN, Amazon, etc. The majority of them have affordable clothing and many are size inclusive.

If you do choose the “at leisure” route, there are ways to dress up leggings and joggers. Women can add a blazer top and attractive shoes and sill be “comfortable,” but polished. Vionic, Sofft have nice comfortable but stylish shoes.

For the woman who does not have time in the morning, a wrap dress is the best “one and done” item for the day. The dress can be used as a duster as well. For men, Lululemon have pants that are comfortable and can be worn to work with the right shirt and shoes.

Technology in fabric has made everything wash and wear, no more excuses. Fashion has become more comfortable, but there is a way to be comfortable and polished.

Adriana Sullivan

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