Election Day Headaches

Dear Editor:

My wife and I had a new voting experience this year. For many years, we voted at PS 225 on the Boulevard and Beach 110th St. Then, redistricting sent us to PS 114, and again we voted there for many years. Both facilities were roomy, airy, and had accessible parking. This year, our voting site was changed again, this time to the Public Library on the Boulevard and Beach 117th St. Conditions there were abominable. There was no nearby parking. All voting activities were stuffed into a room not much larger than 12 ft by 24 ft. The room was stifling hot with no air circulation. Into it were stuffed desks, voting booths, voting scanners, and at least 30 people. I complained to a woman who seemed to be in charge. She agreed with my assessment and said her complaints to the Board of Elections fell on deaf ears. We have always believed that there should be an election DAY, not election month or election season, which is why we always vote in person. Mail-in ballots should be reserved only for those truly unable to get to their polling site, as it had been until recently. Has the Board of Elections embarked on a new strategy? Namely, making in-person voting such a miserable experience that people would prefer to mail in their votes? It would seem so.

Peter and Maryellen Galvin

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