Electric Vehicle Charging Available at FBF

 Electric Vehicle Charging Available at FBF

A temporary electric vehicle (EV) charging station and energy storage unit is now available for use at Floyd Bennett Field in the  Gateway National Recreation Area.

Part of a citywide pilot program, the public can purchase 15-minute sessions with the Level 3 DC fast charger unit, which offers up to 180 miles of range for a typical passenger EV. There are few charger units within a 10-mile radius, so this adds another option for drivers. This unit also offers backup power for resilience and distributed energy storage and can provide power for streetlights and other onsite loads in the case of a grid failure or blackout.

Gateway is supporting this project in partnership with Jamaica Bay-Rockaway Parks Conservancy—an official philanthropic partner of the park—and the Resilient Energy Studio—an urban energy storage pilot program run by Newlab in partnership with the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) and Con Edison. The goal of the Studio is to cultivate local energy storage capacity and innovation in New York City. Five companies were selected to run pilots and technology demonstrations across the city, with Gateway serving as a site for one of these pilots in partnership with the resilient energy infrastructure startup ElectricFish Energy, Inc.


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