It’s time for a change. A shift from what I have been sharing here to other forums. Following the natural course of my life. When this kind of a shift is happening, the process is nothing short of a heavenly roller coaster ride. Continuing my studies and teaching of yoga and all related – the whole of yoga – and developing some new paths to journey on – focusing in a determined way, coming from a place of power and ease.

In this parting column, I would like to share this lesson I recently learned in relation to two people I really care about and who will always be in my heart life. For these two, for some reason, it was easy. Contemplating applying the same to others out there who are or who have been in my life, another story, but I know if it is in my intention cocoon, sooner or later it will happen. Here it is: meet someone where he or she is.

Think about how many times we say to ourselves, “why can’t he do this?” Or “what is she talking about?” Just like we are here in our bodies, minds and hearts at this moment in time, so others are too – in their here and now. Intending to have harmony rather than discord is the starting point. Then, starting from love is key. If we start from the negative emotions we are feeling, we will never be able to communicate and more importantly feel better ourselves. If we start from the place of love inside us, we may soften, maybe take time to pause and let time pass (time is an amazing healing component in so many ways) and then meet that person where he/she is. When two musical notes or voices come together at exactly the same time in a pleasing way, that is harmony.

When negative emotions – and I don’t name them so as not to give them any power – abide in us as results of reactions we have, how do we find the love? I think the first thing is to be aware of the not so good feeling, acknowledge it in a way, and then overtake it. It does not have to get the better of us. We can substitute whatever that is, with a feeling of love and ease by sitting in silence, dropping into the heart and asking, “where is my love for myself?” It is a practice that can become a habit. Whatever others are going through, has nothing to do with us. It is their journey. And we can choose how we act and react – knowing that however we do can be nourishing to us in the long run of our lives.

Love will find the way.

May you be happy. May you be free. May you be grateful. May you be compassionate. May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace.

Namaste (the light in me bows to the light in you),


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