Dear Editor:

There was a misunderstanding regarding two stories published in Rock Away Pens Sandy Stories Part II: “We stood a moment so in a strange world …” and Miguel. The submission was not approved by the author, however Rockaway Times is not responsible for the changes. To clarify:

“That’s not funny Michael. Your morbid sense of humor is like your father’s fascination with death.”

My husband is not fascinated with death and my son’s name is not Michael. For the record, both their senses of humor would be much better described as playful.

“Doorbells stopped ringing when the news carried horror stories of razor blades in apples.”

Trick or treaters did not stop coming because of the threat of razor blades. The demographics of my Brooklyn neighborhood changed with a new wave of immigrants. They did not allow their children to engage in the tradition as they believed it to be rude to ring people’s doorbells asking for candy.

“ Miguel worked hard to overcome our academic storm delays.”

For Miguel, academic challenges were present before the storm. The effects of the storm did create challenges for students and even teachers who were affected, but I would not term them as delays. Perhaps setbacks?

I have been a Rockaway resident for five years so am still new to the community. I’m looking forward to being an old timer in about fifteen years. In the meantime, I look forward to many years in this wonderful community which has brought back the beauty of Halloween for me. I can’t wait until my doorbell chimes again next year!

Jean Maiorino

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