Excelling in Irish History

 Excelling in Irish History

Left to right: Catherine O’Connor, Treasurer of LAOH Division 25, parent of Giuliana Gentile, Parent of Preston Crockett, Parent of Silas Porcella, Ms. Nancy Re (teacher), Silas Porcella, Giuliana Gentile, Preston Crockett, Finn Keane, Parent of Finn Keane and Ellen Mendoca, Irish Historian Division 25.

Congratulation to the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 25 (Rockaway- Breezy Point) Irish history essay winners!

Students from 6th to 8th grade and high school within Division 25 were welcome to write Irish history essays in an effort to help teach students Irish history.

The winners with Principal Scharbach, Ms. Re and Ellen Mendoca.

In first place is Preston Crockett, in second is Giuliana Gentile, Silas J Pocella came in third and Finn Keane placed fourth. All of the winners are from Nancy Re’s sixth grade class at St. Francis de Sales, so a ceremony was held at the church on Thursday, May 9, after the 10 a.m. Mass. LAOH members, Ms. Re, the parents of the students, and SFDS Principal Chris Scharbach were all in attendance.

The contest goes from division to county, then state and national. All four LAOH Division 25 went to Queens County LAOH. They then went on to New York State LAOH. However, the students did not win nationals.

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