Facts You Probably don’t Need

  • A nickel weighs exactly twice as much as a penny.


  • The Cleveland Guardians own the longest active World Series drought in MLB with their last win coming in 1948.


  • The actor that played Ben Geller, Ross’ son on Friends, and Julien in Big Daddy is now 30 years old. David Schwimmer was just 27 when he first took on the role of Ross Geller.


  • Myspace was the #1 visited website in 2006 and was worth an estimated $12 billion.


  •  The Motorola Razr weighed just 3.35 ounces. The iPhone 14 weighs nearly double that at 6.27 ounces.


  • 52.5 million people tuned in to watch the series finale of Friends in 2004.


  • The first iPod was released in 2002 and had a capacity of just 5 GB.


  • Bowling for Soup released their iconic song “1985” in 2004. Today’s equivalent would be a song about 2003.

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