Facts You Probably don’t Need

  • A cordwainer makes new shoes whereas a cobbler repairs shoes.


  • From north to south, Chile extends 2,653 miles, yet it is only 217 miles at its widest point, and averages just 110 miles east to west.


  • The International Space Station is closer to Earth than San Francisco is to Los Angeles.


  • Despite the title, almost all the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park lived during the Cretaceous period and not the Jurassic period.


  • Chinese checkers were actually a German creation.


  • Only 2% of people have green eyes.


  • It took around 3 billion years for the very first single-celled organisms to eventually evolve into basic animal life forms. For comparison, dinosaurs were around for about 165 million years and modern humans have only been around for 300,000 years.


  • Weather is the temporary condition of the atmosphere at a place. Climate is the overall average weather of that place over a period of time.


Facts by Sean McVeigh, factologist.

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