Facts You Probably don’t Need

  • Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin were all nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.


  • In 2009, WhatsApp cofounder Brian Action was turned down for a job at Facebook. Five years later, Facebook purchased WhatsApp for $19 billion.


  •  In 2001, the DEA attempted to ban glow sticks from parties by labeling them as “drug paraphernalia.”


  • More than 90% of the monarch butterfly population has vanished in the last 25 years.


  • In 1998, one satellite failed, and it caused about 80% of the world’s pagers to stop working.


  • Oceanic plankton – including plants algae and some bacteria, not trees, produce the majority of the oxygen we breathe.


  • Pope Gregory IX waged a war on cats as he believed they were instruments of Satan.


  • Five-time Tour de France winner, Miguel Indurain, had a resting heart rate of just 28 beats per minute. The average person has a resting heart rate of about 60-70 beats per minute.


  • Bloody Marys were originally called “Buckets of Blood.”


Facts by Sean McVeigh, factologist.

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