Facts You Probably don’t Need

  • After numerous complaints about the sometimes vicious creatures, New York City authorities finally banned organ grinder monkeys from the streets in 1887.


  • McDonald’s didn’t register “McDonalds.com” and had to donate to a school to get the domain from the Wired magazine writer who registered it in 1994.


  • Ayapaneco, an indigenous language in southern Mexico, was on the brink of extinction because the only two native speakers refused to talk to each other.


  • Redheads only make up about 2% of the world’s entire population.


  • There’s a small town called Dinosaur, Colorado. Some of its street names include Brontosaurus Blvd., Brontosaurus Bypass, Stegosaurus Freeway and Tyrannosaurus Trail.


  • Prior to 1868, eating meat from four legged animals had been prohibited in Japan for more than a thousand years.


  • Goats are immune to poison oak and ivy and are used to control the growth of the toxic plants by grazing.


  • George Washington, a natural redhead, wasn’t a fan of wigs. So instead, he would powder his red hair white.


Facts by Sean McVeigh, factologist.

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