Falling In Love

 Falling In Love

By Sean McVeigh

Do you smell that? *sniff* *sniff* Oh, I know what it is … it’s pumpkin spice.

Well ladies and gentlemen, although Labor Day feels like it was only yesterday, I think after the week that was, we can all agree that it is officially fall.

Not so long ago I was talking about my longing for the remnants of summer and my readiness to take advantage of its sweet cousin, September. Those days are clearly behind us now. A new animal is upon us. When it rains in the summer, even if it is extremely heavy, it feels like the sun is always shining the next day. Fall began with a bang and brought with it a full long weekend without the sun. With that, we knew — fall is here. This new season may get some people down. That is not me though. I gladly lean into fall’s cool embrace and say, “welcome back, old friend.”

When fall rolls around, everything changes. Even most of our favorite local eateries change up their menus. For a short while, they endeavor to become Bavarian, and I, for one, greatly appreciate it. Who doesn’t love a giant pretzel and some sausage? No friend of mine! And, of course, with the German delicacies comes matching German beer and hard cider to imbibe.

My love for fall goes beyond just the fine bill of fare, however. Fall changes how we approach and act each day of the week. The routine is back in full swing. There are no more summer Fridays. The kids have soccer practice.  Could you imagine going out for Wednesday volleyball now?! All this leads to the fall also bringing with it a more meaningful weekend. In reality, this should not really affect me. My line of work does not follow this structure. I don’t know what it is — maybe it’s the high, the joie de vivre, I get from others on a Friday night in the fall, but they just, as the kids would say, hit differently. The weekend brings with it more excitement, more togetherness. A relishing of being out and about more so than in the summer. Maybe it’s just because that feeling is almost omnipresent in the summer. Maybe it’s that too much is taken for granted in those warmer months when everything feels like a vacation. But the fleetingness of a fall weekend does not allow for it to be taken for granted.

Most importantly, fall brings with it something that is near and dear to my heart: cooler weather. Please don’t misunderstand me, I like a nice hot beach day as much as the next guy (although you will often find me under an umbrella). I guess I just have a very low boyleing boiling point. I’m a sweater! And in the low humidity and 60-degree weather of the fall, I thrive! At home, there is no need for AC and the heat hasn’t been turned on yet — just open the windows, throw on a sweatshirt if you have to, and enjoy the perfect temps.

I came home last night and there was a pumpkin on my stoop. I looked down and I was still wearing shorts and flip flops. I guess it’s time to break out the blue jeans and flannels. Fall is here and the only way out is through. So, why not join me in appreciating it? What can I say? I’m a sucker for fall. And for those of you still in denial, the summer is over. We have to accept that. Memorial Day will be here again soon enough, don’t you worry.

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