Feel Good Art In The Park

 Feel Good Art In The Park

Story and Photos
By Theresa M Racine

Partnerships for Parks and Allure Art Studios have teamed up to host Painting in the Park this summer.

Amy G. Simon aka Amy Allure, who is the owner of Allure Studios, is a self-taught artist. She began painting at the age of 11 and has evolved as a teacher of art and has her own art studio in Jamaica Queens. She also teaches art in different schools.

On Saturday, July 1, Hammels Playground on Rockaway Beach Boulevard and Beach 84th Street became an outdoor art studio for children and their families. Simon carefully taught the children and adults how to draw, hold their brushes, and mix colors.

She started with teaching the children that art is an expression of self. There was no wrong way of doing art, she told her students. What makes Simon’s lessons unique is that she wanted to teach everyone how important it is for them to feel good about themselves by incorporating affirmations into the lesson.

She also asked everyone to draw a crown, explaining that queens and kings wear crowns, and we should all turn to our own crowns and speak affirmations when we maybe aren’t feeling so special.

Some of the kids drew their affirmations without her even asking, such as I am beautiful, I am worthy, I believe in myself, and I am enough, as part of their artwork that was decorated with glitter. The event was a success and highly enjoyed by all. It was so successful that unfortunately, some guests had to be turned away.  It is encouraged that participants sign up in the future, so the organizers know how much material is needed. Luckily, there are two more events planned this summer.

Children ages 5 to 13 are encouraged to attend, but all are welcome. The next two dates are Saturdays, July 29, and August 26, from 11 a.m. to 12 pm. If this program remains successful, they will add more programming in the fall. To register, head to https://HammelPip.eventbrite.com

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