Football and Real Estate

 Football and Real Estate

By Robin Shapiro

What do football coaches and real estate agents have as a common experience? The answer is:  whomever has the “chalk” LAST at the blackboard wins the discussion! My husband was the team photographer for a high school football team for 13 years. He witnessed many “social” gatherings of coaches which inevitably evolved into discussions of the merits of different tactics. The last one with the chalk usually “won” the argument.

In real estate, people often interview several agents before choosing one. Some people will meet with a particular broker many times; call with questions many times; use tradesmen and professionals recommended by this broker and PROMISE to give this broker the listing. What sometimes happens? Some other lucky agent comes along – like the last football coach with the chalk – and offers a “slightly” better commission, or otherwise parlays the previous broker’s thoughts into his own and ENDS UP WITH THE LISTING! This is not to say that the first person couldn’t do just as well if given the opportunity. The best broker may not be the last one with the chalk. It’d be nice if everyone followed the Golden Rule. Call me. Love, Robin.

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