Free Sunscreen Hits the Boardwalk

 Free Sunscreen Hits  the Boardwalk

Be safe this summer. Wear sunscreen.

Impact Melanoma and Episcopal Health Services are making it easier this summer by providing free sunscreen dispensers along the Rockaway boardwalk.

At Friday’s beach opening, Impact Melanoma and Gerard Walsh of Episcopal Health Services debuted the new sunscreen dispensers that will be refilled all summer to keep Rockaway beachgoers protected. Fourteen dispensers will be placed in Rockaway, plus 42 others will be placed at other New York City beaches. Walsh, whose been impacted by skin cancers himself, said, “I really can’t emphasize how important it is to protect our skin. Having this done in the Rockaways is a wonderful thing in the community,” he said.

A representative from Impact Melanoma said the organization, which has been around for more than 20 years, has a mission of helping to reduce skin cancers and melanoma, the most dangerous type. They have reached over 3.3 million people nationwide with their free community sunscreen program. “Put on your sunscreen every two hours. Wear hats and long sleeves. Tell everyone you know, especially young people in our community,” the representative said at the ceremony.

If you forget to bring your own, look for the bright yellow sunscreen dispensers on the boardwalk and lather up this summer.

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