Happy New Year & My Thoughts for This Year!!

 Happy New Year &  My Thoughts for This Year!!

Happy New Year to all our loyal fans and readers! I can’t believe 2024 is finally here, and I’m going to take this time to talk about my thoughts on the wrestling business for 2024. Let’s dive right into it!

We saw many things happen in 2023, in the WWE, AEW, ROH, NJPW, etc. Now that 2024 is here, these are the things I feel should happen, as the new year kicks off! Let’s start off with the merger of the WWE and UFC. I have been vocal in the past about wrestlers’ rights or what they should be getting, instead of what they are currently receiving. With this new merger, the company TKO Entertainment was created, and this is the perfect opportunity to see wrestlers and MMA fighters alike, signed as employees and not as independent contractors. I would like to see them get health benefits, insurance and days off. There is no off season in pro wrestling currently, so there’s never an extended period of time off that a wrestler can take to recuperate from injuries. Now, I have had tons of people tell me that “It will never happen.” Well, there was a time in our nation’s history where we never thought unionization would happen, and it did. Let’s finally get some protections for all the wrestlers and MMA fighters.

I would definitely like to see more cross promoting within different wrestling companies. I loved it when I saw AEW work with NJPW, or smaller independent promotions working with each other. This allows fans to see a larger array of talent and particular matches that may not be possible to see when wrestlers are signed to different companies. It’s a win, win situation for the promotion, and the fans alike. I would definitely like to see a WWE/New Japan Pro Wrestling Super Show take place, where NJPW Wrestlers face off against WWE Wrestlers, leading to a who is the better promotions battle. This is something I can get behind, and I hope it will happen.

Now, I’m not really complaining about this one, but I guess I am complaining about it. Reduce the number of wrestling shows (hours) that are currently on TV. Before you start yelling at me, let me explain. Currently, we have over 10 hours of wrestling shows on different channels in an entire week. I feel we need to bring that number of hours down. There is a “Too much of a good thing” going on and I believe viewership is suffering because of it. So, if we cut down on the hours per week, I feel this will stir fans’ interest more, and increase the viewership. I love pro wrestling but after six hours of content from various promotions, I tend to get over-stimulated, and change the channel to something different. This is the perfect question to ask you, the fans:

“Is there too much wrestling content on TV every week?”

Send me your comments and thoughts about this topic. Maybe I’m wrong or maybe a lot of you feel the same as I do!

I’ll see you all next week!

If you have a question or comment please send it to eavil183@yahoo.com, and have a great weekend!

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