Honking Maniac

 Honking Maniac

Dear Editor,

For at least the past six months, if not longer, there is someone menacing Rockaway Beach Boulevard between 5:30-6:00 a.m. Monday through Friday, (and occasionally on a Saturday), specifically between Beach 130th and Beach 132nd Streets. This person honks on their horn and screams out the window every single day, without fail, as they head west. As we are sleeping when this occurs, we have only been able to get a fleeting glimpse of the vehicle, which appears to be a small black SUV with yellow New York license plates, and the SUV is driven by a man. I know that we cannot be the only ones that hear this insane individual every morning and hope that there are others out there that will read this, relate to our experience, and can help put this to rest. 

To the honking man himself – you’ve been successful in annoying people, who I imagine are not even the targets of your anger (or whatever your strange motivation is in doing this) and I think it’s safe to say, “mission accomplished,” and you can give your horn and lungs a rest and drive by in peace. Or, if there is someone out there that knows why the honking man chooses to do this every day, he or she can tell them that it’s time to move on from this bizarre routine. It would be nice to be able to sleep in until my alarm goes off.

Melissa S.

Rockaway Stuff

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