How Does Renting Work

 How Does Renting Work

Some people don’t fully understand the renting process. They may have not rented a new apartment in many years and need a “refresher,” or they may have never rented. I advertise my list of available apartments in The Rockaway Times and on my website. An astute client may even call me to see if I have any ideas which are not advertised. In the home/sale business, I often have “pocket” listings which aren’t publicized. Similarly, I occasionally can produce an idea for a rental which isn’t advertised.

Finding apartments which fit a renter’s needs is the challenge. Parameters for consideration are: budget; number of bedrooms and baths; who pays for gas and electric; availability of a washer/dryer; which floor and views; location; pets; parking; etc. The rental applicant submits a credit report which must satisfy the landlord’s requirements. The renter usually pays at least one month’s rent and one month’s security to the landlord, and one month’s rent as a fee to the broker. These costs can vary depending on the property.

Daylight Savings Time ends at 2 a.m. on Sunday, November 5. The clocks “fall back” one hour and we gain an hour that day. The sun will set one hour earlier. Call me, Love, Robin.

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