“I Am Loving Presence”

 “I Am Loving Presence”

By Jennifer Kelleher

“I am not the body, I am not even the mind.” This phrase is repeated for about five minutes at the start of one of my favorite guided meditations by spiritual teacher Sadhguru. It reminds us that we are not the physical mass that we walk around in, rather cosmic beings having the earthly experience of being human. Similarly, we are not the thinking mind. You can become aware of this the moment you notice yourself having a thought. The part of you that observes the thought is closer to who you are than the thought itself, or the mind that thinks it.

What if being human is what we are doing, rather than who we are? The truth of what we are is inside of the body, which makes the body our most fundamental home here on earth. The body is a window into this reality and through it we are allowed to play, explore, feel, learn, share, and serve. We can express our essence and creativity through our bodies by how we move, interact, dress, etc.

The body is also a portal through which we can experience something very different than where we come from. Let’s call the part that observes the thought “Loving Presence.” Loving Presence is at the core of each of us. It is our true nature, and it comes from a very high vibrational place, which is why we tend to enjoy the lighter, higher- vibrational emotions, such as love, joy, peace, ease, compassion, and clarity. Denser emotions, like anger, fear, guilt, and shame, are unfamiliar, which is partially why they can feel so uncomfortable. Yet, part of why we are here is to experience density. What would happen if instead of labeling, judging, and trying to change the denser emotions, you received them and allowed them to ground you? All emotions can be placed on a scale from light to dense. When emotions that feel heavy come into your awareness, it is a signal to slow down, to be present in the body, to breathe, and to ground.

So back to, “I am not the body.” “I am the soulful self, and the body is my sacred space.” As we become more conscious of this, we begin to naturally see and treat the body like the temple that it is. While I am not the body, I co-create my body each and every day through my thoughts and actions. Every moment is a choice. In fact, studies conclude that the average adult makes approximately 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day. Every time you are having to choose, I invite you to pause and ask yourself which of the options at hand will best support your wellbeing and positive evolution. Even seemingly small decisions, such as choosing to take a deep breath during a stressful moment instead of holding it, plays a beneficial role in shaping one’s body and life.

Being in a body is a wonderful opportunity, as well as a great responsibility. We must care for, nourish, and love our bodies with our thoughts and actions so that we can be here wholly (and holy), and live and serve fully.

I invite you this week to focus on being that Loving Presence inside of the human body, instead of being the human body seeking the divine. Notice: How does this shift in perspective shift your life?

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