By Robin Shapiro

Periodically, out-of-town brokers try to get a foothold in Rockaway. This is not a new phenomenon. Over the years, this has been UNSUCCESSFULLY tried before. The experienced local brokers have tremendous advantages over the interlopers.

The intelligent local brokers know the history of most houses – not just the sale records available on the internet. They know houses which have been on the market before and have been unsuccessfully marketed – and they know WHY the old listings were unsuccessful. They know who made offers on houses and why offers were turned down. They know the local “players” – the investors, the families thinking about upsizing or downsizing. They know the parameters and specific desires /needs of these local players. They even know many of the appraisers who frequently appear in Rockaway. Sometimes they can get an appraiser’s “ear” and explain why the house should “comp” out so that the buyer can obtain the necessary mortgage to do the deal.

Out of town brokers are wrong if they imply any special access to out-of-town buyers.  Websites are almost universally viewed by potential buyers making buyers generally very knowledgeable. There’s no special “hocus pocus” access to unknown buyers. There is specific special local knowledge privy to local brokers.

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Love, Robin

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