Mile Markers for Cross Bay

 Mile Markers for Cross Bay

After the passing of Councilwoman Joann Ariola’s legislation Intro 853-A this summer, work has finally gotten underway to install mile-marker signage along portions of Cross Bay Boulevard near the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, as well as along State Road and Beach Channel Drive between Breezy Point and Fort Tilden.

“As anyone who has ever had the displeasure of experiencing an accident or an emergency in these areas can tell you, it is often extremely difficult to pinpoint a location along these roadways for emergency service assistance,” Councilwoman Ariola said. “With these mile-markers in place, we can eliminate the guesswork involved when trying to relay your position to first responders. In situations where every second counts, this might be the difference between life and death in an emergency.”

The first signs have already been installed on the northbound lane of Cross Bay Boulevard, and the rest are expected to follow suit shortly.

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