Music Isn’t Free

Dear Editor:

The three Rockaway concessi­ons on the boardwalk have been, for many years, a vital hub for the Rockaway community at large. Besides offering a variety of foods for every taste, they have been a music mecca throughout the summer months, with full schedules for talented local musicians and an array of bands from around the city. All this for the enjoyment of our community and visitors.

That being said, it is a business. The concessions hire and pay for this entertainment, on top of the high lease nut they must cover for the season. It is quite sad that some think they’re entitled to “free” entertainment, without patronizing the establishments that offer these events. They enjoy the music but are not music supporters. Some think it’s perfectly fine to bring their coolers and hang nearby, without ever going in to buy a few beers to help support these events. Some even have the gall to bring their own liquor and sit at the tables. Would you go into a bar to hear a band and bring your own drinks? I think not.

It’s overdue for some to be real music supporters and support the concessions they love so much.


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