My Thoughts On Vince McMahon 

 My Thoughts On Vince McMahon 

OK, this past couple of weeks I have been getting the same question asked, “what do you think about Vince McMahon and the sale of the WWE to Endeavor and the merger with the UFC?” So, let’s talk about it!

In last week’s column, I spoke about the WWE sale and merger with the UFC, and I support this merger. I believe it will truly create a Super Sports & Entertainment Company, that will benefit the fans of both pro wrestling and MMA. Now, I was adamant that pro wrestlers should be hired as company employees and not as independent contractors, as they are currently being hired. I believe in providing wrestlers better pay, health insurance coverage, retirement plans and many benefits that they currently do not receive as independent contractors. 

The same goes for the fighters of the UFC. They need to be hired as company employees and offered better pay, off after fights, and benefits. Both the WWE and UFC independently are very profitable, and they have made money for years off the backs of the wrestlers and MMA fighters. If you are building a new Sports and Entertainment company with this merger, then it’s time to better compensate those who are working for them. It’s not only the right thing to do, but the fair thing to do, for those individuals who put their bodies on the line to make both companies’ profits.

Now, let’s get into Vinny Mac! I don’t agree with Vince remaining as an authority figure of the WWE. I understand that he came back and spearheaded the sale of the WWE, but overall, he should have just come in and overseen the sale and then stepped down, leaving his daughter or son-in-law, Triple H, to run the wrestling side of this merger with the UFC. Now, many of you are probably sitting there saying, “There is no WWE without Vince McMahon.” Well, you’re right, to a certain extent, but when Vince stepped away before and Triple H was running Creative, there was a shift in the company’s dynamic, and it shifted for the better. Yes, you can credit Vince for making the WWE what it is now, but with this new merger, this is the time to take the WWE and UFC into another level. It’s time to do different things and move in different directions. 

Everything eventually runs its course, and I feel the Era of Vince McMahon has done that — run its course. It’s time to let others come in, and once again take this new merger to another level. Vince McMahon Sr. can be credited for the creation of the WWF, and Vince McMahon Jr. can be credited for the evolution of the WWE. The time to let someone else write the future of the WWE is now.

The Question of the Week comes from Trina B. in Far Rockaway, and she asked, “What happened to IMPACT Superstar Eric Young? I haven’t seen him on TV.” Trina, Eric Young was apparently written off IMPACT TV around November/December of last year. He has been rehired by the WWE and there are talks about him reforming the Sanity stable with WWE Superstar Nikki Cross. That’s the latest information I have on him. Thank you for the question!

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