Sellers usually ask for more than they are willing to accept. Buyers often offer less than they are willing to pay. The aim of negotiating is to make both parties feel good about the purchase price. An old television commercial used to proclaim: “an educated consumer is our best customer!” I try to educate the buyer and the seller as to the prices of comparable homes in our area.

In addition, some sellers want to sell their property to someone who really needs it, wants it, likes it, and with whom they can relate. Therefore, not only do I sell the house to the buyer, but I try to sell the buyer (as a person) to the seller!  If the buyer does not have a house to sell, or doesn’t need a big mortgage, then I explain the positive significance of this to the seller.

The negotiating process sometimes involves offers, rejection, and counteroffers. Issues can arise regarding the closing date, appraisal, inspection, etc. My 18 years of experience selling houses in this market (over 400 properties) gives me a big “leg up”. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!

The Purim holiday begins sunset Monday, March 6, and ends sundown March 7. Happy Purim holiday to my observant friends and neighbors.  Love, Robin.  

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