New Red-Light Camera in Broad Channel

 New Red-Light Camera in Broad Channel

If you haven’t been down Cross Bay Blvd. recently, Broad Channel has a new red-light camera at West 17th Road. The camera was recently installed following complaints from the community about drivers blowing past the red lights on the boulevard.

In response to increased incidents in Broad Channel, the Broad Channel Civic Association formed a public safety committee, led by Marty Feeney, to address such issues. The Civic requested more patrols but due to limited police staff, patrols can’t always be in the area.

As a result, the Civic requested that a red-light camera be placed at 17th Road because it is a school bus stop, and it is located near a busy park and library. The DOT initially rejected the request, but with urging from Councilwoman Ariola, they agreed.

Along with the addition of the camera, comes a new rule of no turning left on the red light at 17th Road, something that residents will need time adjusting to. “Due to the age of the electrical infrastructure that supports our traffic lights, some of the oldest in the city, we cannot get a turning arrow installed at this time,” the Civic said.

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