By Robin Shapiro

I’ve been writing a weekly real estate column for over 15 years. When I began the column, I was contacted by companies which write “ghost” articles for a small fee. I turned them down. I like to write about my experiences as a broker. I try to keep the column interesting, “real,” and useful.

The pool of active buyers shrinks during the holidays. The cold weather makes some people hesitant to come out and view properties. Holiday travel causes some people to postpone house-hunting. However, buyers during this time of year tend to be more motivated to buy (on average). They are less likely to be “curiosity” shoppers than people who house-hunt during more pleasant weather and non-holiday periods. There are some buyers out there now for the “right” property which fits their needs. I have them as clients.

Is selling your home one of your 2024 New Year’s resolutions? If so, the proper “staging” of your home in an effort to present it in its best light can be crucial. I can help. If you need advice on tradesmen, mortgage brokers, lawyers, accountants, or clean out services, then call me.

I’d like to thank the wonderful Rockaway Times staff who do a superb job every week in helping me to present my beautiful advertisement. Call me. Love, Robin.


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