On Going Green

 On Going Green

Dear Editor:

I’m curious about who authored the “Go Green” piece in the June 22, 2023 edition. Is he a climate scientist? The author recommends that we “Keep up to date on climate change news and related policies…” Is the author aware that so called extreme weather events have not occurred more frequently and more powerfully than ever before? Is the author aware that the planet is greener now than it has been in hundreds of years? Has the author read/ examined the National Climate Assessments and the IPCC reports in fine detail?

I would suggest that rather than hop on the “climate change is going to destroy the planet bandwagon,” he study-up on the topic and do a bit of independent research and stop trying to scare the hell out of public, especially little kids. If the author is interested, I will gladly provide references where he/she can learn a bit more about this subject. Unless, of course, the author is afraid and unwilling to engage in a serious discussion.

Joe Ramaglia

Rockaway Stuff

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