By Robin Shapiro

Politicians are known for making promises which they often can’t keep. The first President Bush is remembered for saying, “Read my lips, NO NEW TAXES!” We had new taxes shortly thereafter. The Soviets once arrested an American named Nicholas Daniloff and wanted to trade him for a Soviet spy who was imprisoned in the USA. President Reagan proclaimed that he would never make that trade. The trade was consummated in short order.

Analogous things sometimes happen in Rockaway. When I am called about a new listing, I prepare a comparative market analysis which shows recent sales. I have a thorough knowledge of similar homes on the market. I give my honest opinion as to the property value – I don’t want to waste everybody’s time, effort, and money by misleading people just to get the listing – especially during this time of high mortgage rates and relatively low activity. According to a reliable internet service, there were ZERO real estate closings in the 11694 zip code during a recent three month period. This is historically highly unusual but is indicative of the type of year we are having in 2023.  Of course, I always try to get the best price for my clients – but too much optimism can best be described by the term  “BAIT AND SWITCH.” Don’t be fooled.  Call me. Love, Robin.

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