Paul King Endorsed by Queens County GOP and NYS Conservative Party in Race for Congress

 Paul King Endorsed by Queens County GOP and NYS Conservative Party in Race for Congress

Belle Harbor resident Paul King was endorsed by the Queens County GOP and New York State Conservative Party in this year’s election for Congress in New York’s CD 5, which covers all of Rockaway and much of southern Queens. King also ran for Congress against incumbent Gregory Meeks in 2022.

“Paul is an outstanding candidate,” said Jerry Kassar, the New York State Conservative Party Chairman. “He will work hard for the community. We will be proud to have him represent us in Washington.”

King is pleased to have the support of the Conservative Party again. “The Conservative team was very knowledgeable and helpful to my campaign in 2022. Their focus on being faithful to the Constitution is important in these times – especially with progressives and socialists having such a big voice in New York government.”

In the previous election, Meeks won but King earned the largest percentage of votes ever achieved against the Democrat in his 25-year career in Congress. The strength of that challenge has inspired other Republican candidates. However, King earned the County’s support ahead of the coming primary.

Councilwoman Joann Ariola, who is the GOP District Leader, said, “I trust Paul to spend our taxpayer dollars wisely and to represent our community needs.”

Primary election day is June 25 with early voting beginning on June 15. King is not disappointed to have a primary challenge for the Republican nomination. “I know it is unconventional thinking, but I believe the primary will make my campaign and the party stronger. My competitors in June will be allies in November.”

King is confident he will prevail in a primary due to the inroads he made across CD5 in 2022 and the strength of the Rockaway Republican Club. “When I ran in 2022, our local club was dormant. Now it is a powerhouse, as is the club in Howard Beach. The support of the RRC will make me hard to beat. They will be great assets for Tom Sullivan and Mike O’Reilly in November, too.”

The Rockaway Republican Club rebooted one year ago and quickly grew to more than 200 members. Its next meeting is March 6 at the Breezy Point Catholic Club.

The main theme of King’s campaign is the American Dream. His policies promote solutions that will remove the barriers to opportunity. These include policies to reduce lawlessness, to promote small business, and to protect parents’ rights in education and medical decisions.

King launched a new website ( and new Facebook and Instagram pages for 2024. The website includes a new section –Elephants in the Room– that claims to address the tough questions elected officials often dodge.

King has lived in Rockaway since 1972. He is a member of Community Board 14, President of the Belle Harbor Property Owners Association, and a coach and longtime supporter of Rockaway Little League.

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