Permanent Ramps Coming to B 24/25

Things are ramping up in the Beach 20s. According to Lisa George of Senator James Sanders’ office, NYC Parks is beginning construction on permanent ramps from the street to the Boardwalk at Beach 24 and Beach 25th Streets.

“The work will consist of replacing the temporary metal ramps with permanent ramps, to match other locations along the boardwalk. These ramps will tie in with the existing stair landings and sidewalks. The contractor will phase the work so that at any given time, access will be available on at least one block or the other. (They will demolish one ramp now, drive the piles for the new ramps, install the first new ramp, then demolish the second existing ramp.) We have asked the contractor to try to have as much work done as possible prior to the beach season in May,” NYC Parks said, according to George.

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