I have a few pet peeves which have been developed during my real estate travels in Rockaway; chief among them is NAILS. I’ve had dozens of flat tires over the years, and I just finished fixing my second flat tire obtained in the past few weeks. I don’t know where I picked up the nails – I wasn’t on any specific construction site. It just seems that there’s SO MUCH home repair work in the neighborhood that nails have become endemic. Years ago, I developed a rule – I always remind anybody working on my house to please be careful with nails. I’ve even developed a habit of picking up nails, otherwise that nail might end up in my tire!  If everybody was a bit more careful with nails, then the tire repair shops would lose a lot of business!

Gardeners who are using “blowers” to collect leaves mostly stop for a few seconds to allow pedestrians to pass. However, sometimes an obtuse worker doesn’t stop and blows debris into the air for passersby to breathe. I’ve asked my gardener to be extra careful in this regard.

Windy days often create havoc with garbage. Garbage often ends up in the middle of the street or on somebody’s lawn. Such days could use a little extra TLC in preparing the garbage for pickup. Call me. Love, Robin.

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