Red Bull & Skudin Bring Out Foamy Fun

 Red Bull & Skudin Bring Out Foamy Fun

By Katie McFadden

The first official Red Bull Foam Wreckers “anti-surf contest” in NYC was a big hit. Surfers from all around pulled out all the punches on foam boards on Beach 67th on Saturday, June 17.

Red Bull and Skudin Surf teamed up to bring this contest to Rockaway. The premise was simple. “The anti-surf-contest surf contest where only soft-boards are allowed, and anyone can win. Minimal rules and maximum fun, just bring yourself and some friends. Boards and Wiiings provided!” the event website says.

For a $25 entry fee, anyone 16 and older could participate. All proceeds went to a good cause, helping out non-profits, Surf For All, Laru Beya Collective, RISE and The Chill Foundation. Each contestant had to spin a wheel to determine which soft-top board they’d ride, and the goal was to have the most fun. Competitors broke out tricks like flips and turns on the board, switching boards mid-wave and more, making for a good show for spectators.

The big winner of the day was Wico Velez. He was followed by Ben Gibbs in second and Jason King in third. Beau Chan came in fourth. Noah Avallone took fifth. Stephen Houser was in sixth, Christian Agoglia took seventh and Trever Sapolin came in eighth.

The Red Bull Foam Wreckers will continue on across the country, with the next competition in Margate, NJ on June 24.

 Photos by Glenn DiResto.

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