By Beth Hanning

As the Christmas season winds down and we have said goodbye to 2023 and have welcomed 2024 (WOW, by the way), I have a few questions for my readers: What would you hope your spouse’s New Year’s Resolution is this year? Do you hope they declare a resolution to be more helpful around the house? Maybe carpool a bit more, or at all?

Here is a list of ideas for the wonderful spouses out there. I know you are all fabulous, but everyone can improve a little, right? When I asked my husband what his was going to be, he simply sent me back the emoji with the man with his hands up as if to say, “IDK.”

  1. Most wives, when I asked, told me that they wished their husbands would clean up after themselves. I know in my house that would be an added bonus. Examples: Just because we have eight chairs in the dining room, does not mean that jackets and hooded sweatshirts need to be draped on each one. We have a closet five feet away from the dining room table and a coat rack! This came from a few wives. One woman said all she wants is for her husband to “Put his sh*t away.” She stated he needs everything to be on display. If it were up to him, you would not be able to see an inch of countertop. My favorite is when my husband asks where something is and I say in its rightful place, he asks me why I hid it on him!
  2. One local legend who self identifies as a party animal messaged me that at 85, she needs to slow down. I totally disagree with her. If you are 85 and can still party, DO IT!
  3. Many people messaged me about lessening screen time for both spouses. That is definitely something worthwhile and I believe many of us spend too much time on whatever social media site we enjoy. I am going to suggest this to my husband — that he spend less screen time on TikTok.
  4. One of my friends just commented: “My health.” I am not sure what that means. Is he going to try and eat healthier? Maybe limit alcohol? Exercise more? Waiting to hear back from him.
  5. Many people commented living until 2025, survival, etc. The last time I did this column, my dad actually said just that. I miss him and miss writing about him.
  6. One woman messaged me that she thinks her spouse would hope that her resolution would be to stop buying sneakers. One of the best responses, but I have a feeling someone will not resolve to do that especially with the new sneaker store on Beach 129th.

Have a great 2024 everyone! I hope it is both happy and healthy.

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