Respecting the Privacy of Wrestlers

 Respecting the Privacy  of Wrestlers

By Eric Jayden 

So, it’s been an interesting week in the world of pro wrestling, so let’s get to it!

The WWE has announced two more inductees for this year’s Hall of Fame. The Great Muta is the second pro wrestler announced (which I’m happy to say I predicted), and for the celebrity side of the Hall of Fame, Andy Kaufman has been announced. Andy Kaufman is best known for the TV sitcom “Taxi,” and made his mark on professional wrestling by having a feud with Jerry “The King” Lawler.

It has been reported that former WWE Superstar Lince Dorado is scheduled to make an appearance on IMPACT Wrestling. This will be Lince Dorado’s second stint with IMPACT, and he is scheduled to face off against X-Division Champion, Trey Miguel, at IMPACT PPV “Sacrifice.”

AEW Heavyweight Champion MJF will be making a special appearance for the company that he trained and started his pro wrestling career with: “Create A Pro”. The company has a homecoming show on May 13, 2023, which will also feature other AEW Superstars such as Kris Statlander, Bear Bronson, Max Caster and Mark Sterling. The show will take place at the All Sportz Melville, in Melville, New York.

Recently, the welfare and safety of professional wrestlers has come up, with many incidents reported of wrestlers arriving at airports, and being followed and harassed by fans. Many of these fans were seeking to get autographs on merchandise, in an effort to resell it for a profit. Some wrestlers have reported aggressive fans following them even after they have gotten into their rental cars. The WWE has recently brought this issue up for discussion and is reportedly not happy about these incidents. 

We are not going to have a Question of the Week, but instead I’m going to give commentary on the issue of wrestlers being stalked and hassled by fans at airports at all hours of the night. Listen, pro wrestlers are people like you and me. They have a job, which is to perform for a particular wrestling company and that’s how they make a living. Just like any other people, wrestlers like to have their privacy and there are way too many fans out there that feel they can take advantage and harass a wrestler for an autograph so that they can then sell for a profit. There is a line that shouldn’t be crossed, and that’s when a fan’s actions become harassing. Once you cross this line, you should be reported to authorities, or have enough common sense to realize that pro wrestlers do not owe you anything. They do their job and entertain, for which you pay. Beyond that, please respect the privacy of the pro wrestlers because, once again, they are people just like you and me.

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