Rockaway Gets Eclipsed

 Rockaway Gets Eclipsed

Did you look up? Many around Rockaway grabbed their viewing glasses and took in the rare view of a solar eclipse on Monday afternoon, April 8.

While some upstate got to experience totality, Rockaway got to see about 89.12% of the sun covered by the moon, causing the solar eclipse that peaked at 3:25 p.m., dropping the air temperature and dimming the sky. Despite some cloud coverage, many took advantage of the experience, heading to the beach and boardwalk to take in the view and were treated to a dolphin show in the water in between looking up at the sky.

Schools like Challenge Preparatory Charter School and Scholars’ Academy let kids stick around after dismissal to watch the eclipse with their peers from the schoolyard or rooftop.

Meanwhile, many adults took the opportunity to join in on eclipse viewing parties at places like Bungalow Bar, Callie’s, Rockaway Tiki Bar and The Wharf.

For many, it was a once in a lifetime view. The next solar eclipse to come to the U.S. will be in August 2044 and will only be totally visible in Canada and a few northern states like Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. Another will occur in August 2045, spanning from California down to Florida. The next time NY will be in the path of totality is May 2079.

Photos by Katie McFadden, Paddy Tubz, Lauren Rafferty and Challenge Prep.

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