Safe Summer Fun for Teens

 Safe Summer Fun for Teens

Want to send your 14 year old daughter or son to have SAFE fun, while learning life-long skills at the beach? Does the development of leadership, team building, seamanship, citizenship, public service, and teamwork interest you and your child and call you both to action?  Is an overall atmosphere of fun, led by Scouts for Scouts a place you want your children to be?

We are the Sea Scout Ship 343, Patriot. We meet Tuesday evenings in the Point Breeze Clubhouse in the winter and Saturdays and Tuesday evenings on the beach in the warmer season.  We march in the Breezy parades, sell various items at the stores, deliver lap afghans to Veterans and perform many other community service acts.

Away from the Point we have: paddled down the Delaware River, visited SUNY Maritime College, visited a NYC fireboat, learned to read charts and navigate by dead reconning, rendezvoused on the beach with other sea scout ships, attended shooting sports upstate, sailed our bigger boats and experienced many other exciting activities.

On the beach, Scouts learn to sail small boats, row, drive our inflatable rescue boat, go on fishing trips and canoe. They participate and achieve the NY state boaters award and above all, learn how to be a good citizen and work as a team.

Did you know NASA and scouting have a long history? More than two-thirds of all current and former astronauts have been involved in scouting. Of the 312 pilots and scientists selected as astronauts since 1959, at least 207 have been identified as having been Scouts or active in scouting. Of the 24 men to travel to the moon on the Apollo 8 and Apollo 10 through 17 missions, 20 were Scouts, including 11 of the 12 men who walked on the moon, and all three members of the crew of Apollo 13. Similar accomplishments and leadership in other fields are often associated with former Scouts.

The leadership, teamwork, life skills and positive role models that are part of scouting help create motivated, high-achieving adults who may go on to become astronauts, scientists, engineers, business and government leaders. Perhaps your young one can make rank and use it to advance to a fabulous career and a rewarding and contributing life!

We also run a Mariners program for children aged between 11 and 13 years of age.  There are also many opportunities for adults to help run programs for our ship, join our adult leaders committee, help renovate and maintain our donated fleet, organize parties, events and trips – come see!  You do not need to have a child in the program to contribute. 

If interested, contact Pauleen Ward Brown at 718-634-8222. To register to join the Sea Scouts – fill in the form and pay the annual fee. A Scout or Mariner will receive a welcome pack – a Sea Scout tee shirt, cap, bag and other goodies. All activities are covered by Scouting insurance and led by trained and vetted adult leaders.

Come and join us – see what we do and have some fun with us.

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