SFDS Soccer Shows What Success Means

In terms of wins and losses, it was another successful weekend for the SFDS CYO soccer program. The teams went 18-4-4 overall, and many teams are looking strong, heading towards the end of the regular season. While it is always fun, for the kids, parents and coaches, to walk off the field victorious, the true success of this program cannot be measured by the left-hand column in the standings.

The true success lies:

  • In the sportsmanship exhibited by the children, each week.
  • In the camaraderie amongst the children, across all teams.
  • In the coaches treating all of the players fairly, as individuals, fostering development, regardless of ability level, and game outcomes.
  • In the sense of community, that is palpable, from the parents, on the sidelines.
  • In the coach volunteers patting their players on their heads, wiping away tears, telling them “great job” and encouraging them to be a part of a team goal, rather than seeking glory for individual achievements.

In so many ways our SFDS CYO Soccer program embodies all that is right with youth athletics and, while not perfect, it truly embodies the Diocese’s philosophical goals, as stated on the CYO website:

  • To encourage our young men and women toward leadership, growth in social awareness, and development of sound values.
  • To encourage fairness, compassion, truth and cooperation through recreational activities.
  • To encourage and challenge our youth to participate and serve those more needy in their parish and community.
  • To encourage dignity of person, accepting one another with respect, patience, kindness and understanding.
  • To encourage sportsmanship and self-control in the face of adversity.
  • To encourage the growth of each participant, to nurture a positive spirit, and avoid a ‘win at all costs’ attitude.
  • To encourage cooperation and community; each participant, coach, official, and volunteer will work together to bring our vision and values to life.
  • To encourage spiritual growth in order to foster the total development of participants and influence the formation of their values

With the regular season winding down, it is a good time to reflect on all that is good in our SFDS CYO soccer program. Under the direction of Kathleen Tomassetti and Marianne “Skippy” Doyle, and with the help of all of our volunteer coaches and tireless parents, our children are truly living up to what CYO sports intends to be—a community, working together towards a greater purpose. For these reasons, we are all successful!

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