SFDSCA Writes: What Would Make Rockaway Even Better?

The sixth-grade students of St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy have been busy writing persuasive essays about certain things they would like to see changed/improved in our community. They are hoping the right people take note of their suggestions. A few of the many topics addressed in these essays include beach closures, lifeguard hours, the fields in Fort Tilden, the insufficient amount of garbage cans in Rockaway, and the need for more recreational facilities/activities on our peninsula. It is wonderful to see what the future leaders of our great community think could make it even better! A big THANKS to their teacher, Nancy Re, for kindly sharing them with us. We have included just a few in this week’s paper and will publish some more in upcoming editions.

Fix Our Sports Fields

By Jason Youngberg

Audience/Reader: Rockaway Times, Local Politicians

Would you feel safe playing on a sports field that has no grass and has holes in the ground? Your answer is probably no. If you would not feel safe, then why does Fort Tilden look this way? The sports fields in Fort Tilden, Rockaway, NY should be fixed to help our community.

Fixing the fields in Fort Tilden should not be optional. There are many people who would benefit from fixing the fields. First, kids would be a lot safer playing sports because they would not have to worry about holes that could hurt their ankles. They can focus on the game.  Next, the whole neighborhood would benefit because everyone could enjoy using the new fields. They could be used for adult sports, parties, and community events.  Finally, new fields would help the environment because it would preserve nature. For example, the geese could safely be moved off the fields where people play into the wooded area that is right next to them.  Fixing the fields would not only help humans but also the environment.

These reasons show how beneficial it would be to fix the Fort Tilden fields. New grass or turf should be put down immediately.  Fixing the Fort Tilden fields is good for kids, adults, and nature. 

More Garbage Cans

By Taryn Martin     

Audience/Reader: Rockaway Times, Local Politicians

I think we should have more garbage cans throughout Rockaway Beach. If there were more garbage cans in Rockaway, it would help save the environment. Littering is horrible and if we had more garbage cans, nobody would have to litter or have excuses for littering. If you want to know why I think we should have more garbage cans throughout Rockaway, keep on reading!

In this paragraph, I am going to discuss why I think we should have more garbage cans throughout Rockaway Beach. We should have more garbage cans, so people don’t litter. Firstly, litter can kill plant growth. Plants take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, and without plants, we would die! Secondly, litter can pollute the air. Pollution can have a severe impact on human health. Pollution can increase the risk of diseases and can create vision problems for a lot of people, which would be terrible. Lastly, I think we should have more garbage cans because litter can kill animals. Animals provide important benefits. Animals can be used in therapy and can be aids for people with disabilities. We use a number of species as food and for improving mental health.

As you can see, garbage cans are really important, and we need more throughout Rockaway. The idea of littering is sickening. So these are just three of many reasons why I feel that we should have more garbage cans throughout Rockaway Beach.

Lifeguards After 6 p.m.

By Rafael Campos-Gatjens  

Audience/Reader: Rockaway Times, Local Politicians

I think lifeguards should stay on the beach and work longer. People want to go in the water after 6 p.m. When the lifeguards are not on duty after 6 p.m., people are mad that they can’t go in the water without the risk of drowning. This happens all the time to me and my friends. Below I will share with you just a few reasons why lifeguards should stay on the beach and work longer.

At 6 p.m., it is still hot and sunny out and people want to go in the ocean at that time. After work, people want to go in the water for a little bit, but they may take risks because there are no lifeguards. I know this because people in my family always want to go in the ocean after work, but they do not want to take the risk of drowning. This is very dangerous. Most drownings happen after the lifeguards leave because people go in after they leave and there is no one to rescue them if they are drowning. According to The Rockaway Times, a total of seven people died in Rockaway last year when there were no lifeguards on duty after 6 p.m.

As you can see, lifeguards need to take longer shifts. The idea that more people will drown when there is no lifeguard is upsetting. I strongly feel that lifeguards should stay at the beach later. These are the reasons why I feel lifeguards should stay on duty and work longer.

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