St. Francis’ First Grade Boys Take the W in the Rain

 St. Francis’ First Grade Boys Take the W in the Rain

This weekend was almost a complete washout for CYO soccer. The never-ending rainfall made field conditions almost impossible for most teams to play. Friday games were played with no issues. And by 7 a.m. on Saturday morning, most soccer athletic directors around Queens reported that the fields were playable. Unfortunately, the weather took a turn in the middle of most of the 9 a.m. Saturday games. A few games were able to finish including the SFDS boy’s mite team.

They may be small, but the first-grade boys of SFDS CYO soccer are mighty. While the majority of soccer games ended up cancelled due to rain, coaches Timmy Wilson, Matt D’Emic and John Corning traveled with their team to Our Lady of Hope for a 9 a.m. game. Playing hard in the rain was Connell Wilson, Jack Brady, James Bulloch, Matteo Calipo, William Dwyer, Dean Fontera, Keegan Palmer, Matt D’Emic, John Corning, Jude Coyle, Ben Hullah, Declan Mulhern, Grayson Caiazzo and Joey Caiazzo. Ben and Matteo split time playing goalie and with goals scored by Jack, Matt, Keegan and Jude, the team secured the wet victory.

First graders play in the mite division for CYO soccer.  Both mite and squirt divisions play 9 on 9. Coaches spend those first two years teaching basics of the game and techniques. CYO soccer now has the task of rescheduling all cancelled games. Hopefully, this will be the only wash out of the season.


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