St. John’s ICARE Foundation Launches Comfort Carts & Healing2Music

 St. John’s  ICARE Foundation Launches Comfort  Carts & Healing2Music

Valentine’s Day, February 14, was the perfect day to cut the red ribbon for the St. John’s ICARE Foundation Comfort Carts and launch of the Healing2Music project at St John’s Episcopal Hospital. The Comfort Carts program evolved from the “comfort bags” which contained refreshments and comfort items and were distributed to staff during the pandemic to relieve the enormous stress and fatigue they were enduring. Through donor support from Maccy Paley, South Shore Community Chest, The DeMatteis Family Foundation and the St. John’s Hospital Auxiliary, the program has now been expanded to include support to patients and their families as well as staff. The three custom built Comfort Carts are fully stocked with aromatherapy, herbal tea, lip balms, hand cream, snacks, and more.

 Two private foundations, the Marilyn Lichtman Foundation and the Vogler Foundation, have granted support to help stock the carts for a year. The St. John’s Pastoral Care Dept. will be responsible for circulating the carts around the hospital and sharing the Comfort Cart amenities with patients, their families, and staff. Donor Maccy Paley joined the St. John’s Hospital Auxiliary, Nancy Leghart, Executive Director of the ICARE Foundation, Renee Hastick Motes, President of the ICARE Foundation, Gerard Walsh, CEO of the St. John’s Episcopal Health Ser­vi­ces Inc., Pastor Asnel Valcin and the Pastoral Care Team in cutting the ribbon to launch this amazing program.

Following the ribbon cutting was the introduction of the Healing2Music Program, which will bring live musical performances to the St. John’s Episcopal Hospital lobby. The one-hour music session, which will take place the second Tuesday of every month, was launched with a live performance by violinist Bri Blvck and was introduced by Rose Guerrier, President of I.C.U. Inc., who created the Healing2Music Program. The Healing2Music Program is designed to bring the healing power of music to the patients, their families, and the team members and to create an environment that enhances positive experiences and healthcare outcomes. St. John’s ICARE Foundation created an online crowdfund campaign for Giving Tuesday which raised enough money for live monthly performances in the hospital lobby.

“Little things can go a long way in making our patients, their families and our team members feel comfortable and cared for and we believe these 2 new St. John’s ICARE Foundation initiatives will do just that” said Nancy Leghart, Executive Director of the St. John’s ICARE Foundation.

“It’s more than taking care of a person’s physical health. It is a way for caring for the WHOLE patient,” Gerard Walsh, CEO of St. John’s said. “Something that is a priority for all of us at Episcopal Health Services.”

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