Swimming Pools and Market Value

 Swimming Pools and Market Value

By Robin Shapiro

Even though we have a beachfront community, many people install swimming pools. An in-ground pool varies in expense and can cost 50k or more. The maintenance for pools is not insignificant. Chemicals, fences, landscaping, insurance can add up. Pools have to be “opened up” (cleaned, filled with water and chemicals) in the spring, and “closed up” (prepared for winter) in the fall. Above ground pools usually cost less to install but require similar maintenance.

Does a pool increase a home’s value enough to recapture the cost? If the pool is in good condition, then the home should have a higher value than a home without a pool. Some buyers don’t want a pool – people with kids can worry about safety issues. In most cases, homes are more valuable when there’s a nice pool. I have friends who get enjoyment from their pools. One neighbor did have serious maintenance issues. Another neighbor had problems with his pool servicing company – not prompt, expensive. There are some good pool service outfits. Call me if you need one.

The Jewish holiday of Shavuot runs Tuesday night, June 11 through Thursday night, June 13. No work permitted for the observant. June 6 is D-Day remembrance from WW2. It was a big deal for anybody who participated in it or who lived through those days. It causes me to remember my father-in-law’s military service in WW2. Love, Robin.

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