Teacher Jobs

 Teacher Jobs

By Beth Hanning

I have always wanted to be a teacher. At the end of each school year, I would ask other students and my teacher for any old workbooks, and I would play school on the rainy days of the summer. I would make the neighbors do math problems and I had the best time. I also have always loved summers in Rockaway, so it was a no brainer what career path I would choose when attending college. I eventually became certified in English 7-12th grades because I love to read and write.

However, the job is not just about reading and writing. Over the years, the job has changed.

Things I did not think I went to college for:

  1. Cleaning: I need to get a classroom helper. I am cleaning way too much in my classroom. Each week, I clean all of the desks with Lysol Wipes, and I am not sure what my students are doing to the desks. I have had to bring in a Magic Eraser to clean some of the ink that is “smudged” on the desks. I guess with budget cuts, the floors only get mopped a few times a year, so my next step is to bring in a Swiffer.

2. Attendance and lateness phone calls: Going to Catholic School for grades 1-12, I did not know any children who were chronic absentees. And if we had any, I would assume the principal’s secretary or the attendance teacher would call. Whenever I bring up a student with 20+ absences (at this point of the year) and 40+ latenesses, I have been told to call home or set up a meeting. Last school year in New York City, 60% of students had “chronic absenteeism.” Chronic absenteeism is defined as being absent 10% of the school days. So, 60% of students last year in New York City Public Schools missed at least 18 school days. That is a lot of phone calls for teachers and that is a lot of school days to miss instruction. I would think the city should make some better plans on how to utilize my time better.

3. Adolescent psychologist: I have been teaching for many years and know a few things about adolescents, but many of the issues in the past few years are way above my pay grade. Over the years, I have had students have complete meltdowns due to boyfriend/ girlfriend drama. One of my friends who teaches middle school as well told me they had to switch students’ classes recently because of a social media post a girlfriend posted and the student was not happy other people saw his girlfriend in a sports bra! It caused so much trouble, classes needed to be changed! This is 7th grade!

I joke around about all of the different jobs I have been asked to do, but it really is crazy all of the jobs teachers are expected to take on in a school day or year. I am truly aware some of the teacher-haters will reply with something kind to say! I would love to hear some other jobs teachers have to perform that maybe I did not have space for, but maybe I can put it next week.

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