Thank You, Msgr. Geraghty

Dear Editor:

Back in ’88, my friend Jimmy and I were shooting hoops in the schoolyard at night. A new St. Francis De Sales priest appeared and seemed surprised to find two adults shooting around in the dark. (He was new to Rockaway!) After an intro and quick chat, the priest started to leave when Jimmy asked, “Hey Father, wanna take a shot?” To our surprise, he banked home a 12-footer from the left side. (No, he did not call ‘bank.’)  We offered him a follow, but in his first act of wisdom at St. Francis, Father Martin Geraghty declined. He left the court perfect.

Many of us would benefit from his wisdom in the 18 years that followed. I, for one, am the sort who rarely asks for help, but when my family saw its most difficult times, Father/Monsignor Geraghty was a person I sought out for guidance. We all benefited from his wisdom and compassion when our neighborhood met the terrible challenges of 2001. It was so hard to say goodbye when the Diocese transferred him in 2006.

In 2009, Monsignor Geraghty returned to St. Francis to preside over my father’s funeral. After speaking of my Dad’s endless community service, his final words to my Dad were, “Jack: Take a rest.” To that I say, “Marty: Take a rest.” Well done, good and faithful servant! And thank you.

Paul King

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