It’s a normal reaction. When an offer is made on a new listing, the seller thinks “it’s easy.” He thinks that he will be able to do better because the process just started and perhaps he can do better through hard work and advertising. However, in a large number of situations, this is not the case. The real estate broker usually brings his best, most qualified, most experienced buyers to the new listing immediately. The broker does this in order to try to be a step ahead of the competition and/or facilitate a deal with his buyer before his buyer finds another property (or changes his plans). The seller is reaping the benefits of much prior work and advertisement of other properties by the broker.

The seller who dismisses a first good offer purely because it was presented too soon may be making a big error. Our real estate market is not as strong as it was during the past few years. Most listing prices should have a little negotiating room. An offer within hailing distance of the listing price should be seriously considered. Of course, as mentioned above, better offers can materialize as time goes by. The issue can be a conundrum. Call me.  Love, Robin.


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