The Non-Compete Clause, I Hate Them!

 The Non-Compete Clause,  I Hate Them!

So, this week I’m going to answer another question I keep receiving, and I have also discussed before, and the question is about the “Non-Compete Clause.” It is generally written in all WWE talent contracts that once a talent is either released or, in many cases, terminated from their contract, the talent cannot compete or work for any other promotions including MMA, boxing or any type of fighting promotion for 90 days.

I say this is B.S. and let’s take another dive into it!

In my humble opinion, I believe a non-compete clause should be illegal, and here’s why. First, no company in the world should have the ability to stop you from working in the profession you have chosen to be in for any amount of time. I mean, what in the blue hell gives them the right to stop you from making money? What right does a company have to say you will not work anywhere for 90 days or we can sue you? Excuse me, but what if you have a family to support? What if you have kids to feed, or you have a mortgage payment, a car payment or your health insurance to pay, and you can’t make any or all of those payments because… the WWE or said promotion says so in the form of a non-compete clause.

Does any wrestling promotion own you? Well, if you ask CM Punk, who is now an AEW Superstar, when he challenged the WWE over his contract, his lawyer pretty much found out the contract made the talent the sole property of the WWE with no rights to do anything. Folks, this is wrong! This is not right. No one, no company, nobody should have the right to stop anyone from making a living. If you ended your contractual obligations with said promotion or said promotion doesn’t want you to resign, then that’s it. You move on to your next endeavor, and you continue making a living and making money, and not sit around and wait the next 90 days until you can make your next paycheck. Non-compete clauses should be illegal and should not be used in any wrestling promotion when they are signing a talent to a contract.

This is the land of the free.  We should be free of constraints that affect your ability to make money. Pro wrestling performers deserve better!

I would like to thank Frank G., Gerry R., Dave B. and Erin H., all from the Rockaway peninsula, for this great question! Have a great Independence Day everyone!

Keep sending those questions in to and have a great weekend!

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