The Rock As A Heel? My Thoughts!

 The Rock As A Heel?  My Thoughts!

Hey Wrestle Talk Fans! Here we are with another week, and today, I’m going to talk about the question of the week that was featured in last week’s column. “What are my thoughts about The Rock turning heel?” We received an overwhelming number of emails regarding this topic, so let’s dive right into it!

So, let me start with the positives. I believe, and this is something that has been done with many top stars, that they are pushing them as the top heel or babyface of their companies. “Give Roman the Rub!” In wrestling terms “The Rub” is when a top, well-known and established superstar wrestles and puts over the company’s top heel or babyface. For example, when Stone Cold Steve Austin put over The Rock at WrestleMania, elevating The Rock to a more established and viable superstar.

The Rock coming back and becoming heel was the best move the WWE has done. By making The Rock a heel, and having him join The Bloodline, this elevates The Bloodline status in the eyes of the fans, and within the company. Setting up for a potential match between Roman Reigns and The Rock. Now, if I was writing the storyline, I would have The Rock turn on Roman Reigns, and challenge him for the Universal Championship and for the leadership position in The Bloodline faction. This would be a money match with a huge draw. I would have The Rock face Roman Reigns, then lose to him, which elevates Roman’s status, and eventually have Roman Reigns face off against Cody Rhodes at this year’s WrestleMania.

Now, Cody Rhodes is the company’s top babyface. He is extremely popular, and in the eyes of the WWE fans, is the next WWE Universal Champion. With Roman having a victory over The Rock, this sets up for another money-making match which everyone wants to see! You have this match at this year’s WrestleMania Event, and you have Cody beat Roman, and become the New WWE Universal Champion, leading to a very successful storyline, that will make a majority of fans of the WWE very happy!

The negative side of this is, well, let’s say you did have The Rock come back, and he wasn’t there to help elevate Roman Reigns. You would lose that build up to a tremendous story that could benefit not only the bottom line (Money), but help further build the careers of the company’s top two superstars, Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes. The Rock has Mega Star Power! He is also an established performer with tons of credibility in regard to his career. Not using him in the capacity of giving the rub to another star in the company would truly be a huge waste of an opportunity. An opportunity which I feel would draw a lot of attention, and money to the company. This is the way I would go with The Rock pushing forward! I hope the WWE has this plan already in action or something similar to it.

That was a great question and thank you to all our readers who sent it in!

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