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July 6 

Kathy McCormack was born.

Donald Gallagher was born.

Norrin Radd was born.

1535 – Sir Thomas More was beheaded after refusing to join Henry VIII and the Church of England.

1944 – A fire caused by inept fire-eaters in the main tent of the Ringling Brothers Circus in Hartford, Conn., killed over 160 people.



Maureen Blum Del Vecchio was born.

Eileen McLaughlin was born.

Christine Stengel Puma was born.

Michael Herman was born.


1946 – Italian-born Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini was canonized, becoming the first American saint.

1981 – President Ronald Reagan nominated Sandra Day O’Connor for the Supreme Court.



Patty Marsibilio was born.

Thomas Thompson was born.

Laura Johnson-Rivera was born.


1950 – General Douglas MacArthur was named commander-in-chief of the United Nations forces in Korea.



Tom Jodice was born.

Mary Lou Raaf was born.

Michael Burke was born.


1997 – Boxer Mike Tyson was temporarily banned from boxing for biting Evander Holyfield’s ear.

2002 – Baseball’s All-Star Game ended in a tie after 11 innings. Both sides had run out of pitchers.



Sherman Tank Von Dalton Vielandi was born.

Karen Zandalasini was born.

1973 – The Bahamas became independent from Great Britain.



Cathie O’Hanlon was born.

Sean T. Meier was born.


1804 – Former vice president Aaron Burr fatally wounded former secretary of the treasury Alexander Hamilton in a duel. Hamilton died the following afternoon.

1914 – Babe Ruth made his major league baseball debut as a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox.



Brendan Lawler was born.

John Burke was born.


1960 – The first Etch-A-Sketch went on sale.

1984 – Democratic presidential nominee Walter Mondale became the first major-party candidate to choose a woman as a running mate, Geraldine Ferraro.

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