Thoughts on Alma Proposal

 Thoughts on Alma Proposal

Dear Editor:

I wanted to share important bullets that SHAFT identified after reviewing the Alma development scoping documents. We are asking for Rockaway residents to submit emails with their opposition and to possibly include some of these bullets:

  1. The development proposed is not on an empty lot. It will be a construction site for the 2,000 residents that live here.
  2. Alma is requesting zoning changes to add more population density – over 300%, to add buildings that are double the size of the existing buildings, to reduce the number of feet required between buildings, to allow buildings to use sidewalk space. This is irresponsible development which endangers the current residents and the community.
  3. The new development will use all the parking lots, green and open recreational space throughout the property.
  4. If allowed the new development will change the sunlight, add shadows and airflow to the existing apartments and the adjacent properties around Surfside.
  5. The Surfside property is located in the middle of a very high-volume vehicle and pedestrian cross-section.
  6. The Surfside property is vulnerable and since Sandy has been identified as a Flood Zone 1 with the water tables rising. It is located on the narrowest part of the peninsula which is three blocks between the Jamaica Bay and Atlantic Ocean.
  7. The initial environmental assessment in the scoping document identifies that this project will have significant adverse impact for the residents of Surfside and the community and requires a full environmental impact study. The major categories that will be impacted are air and noise quality, emergency services like fire, police, EMT, public safety, hospital and healthcare, schools, evacuation strategy, roadways and traffic congestion, transportation and the change to the neighborhood character.
  8. The Alma project will be on the tail end of the 11 development projects already approved for the peninsula that will increase the population 10,000+. The Rockaway residents are already experiencing restriction and limitations as we move about day to day.  The Rockaway peninsula cannot endure anymore development.

Please email to:  and cc
The deadline is April 15th, 2024 before 5:00pm.

Thank you!

Barbara Buffolino

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